finaly got some :)

hell i dont spend 50 but every so often when i buy a fish or sum rock,i spend more money smoking than on my tank lol i could not repeat could not spend that much money,half my paycheck every 2 weeks???? is this including other pets or just your tank?

Instead of fish flakes, he feeds his livestock gold flakes. ;)
Most people don't use nitrate remove, polyfilters, mechanical filtration, mud (which only needs to be replaced every 6 months to a year) and use very few supplements (one bottle should last you months).

I think if you wanted to save money, you could get rid of that stuff. Mechanical filtration isn't good for saltwater tanks anyways.

yah i could prob do away with some of the stuff i get, and i plan to. i wish :p, my supplements go right down the drain, the sps and clams have me adding alot of calcium, akilinity, magnesium, ect