Emrald crab or not?


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I have been trying to decide weather or not to get one of these guys for my tank. I have some red wiry turf algae, some red bubble algae, and some lobophora. According to reefcleaners.org an emerald crab might like to eat all three of these.

I've been reading about Emerald crabs for some time now and half the information tells me they will be safe for my tank, the other half tells me I might run into problems.

My tank is almost 2 years old now, and I feel its been a success thanks largely to the help I have gotten here. I want to get some advice here before I add one to my tank.

I have zoas, green and red mushrooms, a leather, candy cane, tooth, birds nest and an acropora. Do you think an emerald crab is likely to find any of these more appatizing than the algae?

My biggest concern is for my goby and his shrimp, Is the crab likely to invade their burrow? Will he eat the tiger shrimp? Or pinch the goby?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
The emarld crab will do just fine. I have zoas and leathers, lps, sps. They hide in the birdsnesy from time to time, but usually hang out where the algae is. I have 4 in my tank and i havent had an issue yet. Base it on each crab, not the hole family. You may get a rogue, but highly unlikely. Good luck
Yeah they should be fine. I like strawberry crabs too wich are like emeralds but I'm not completely sure about them yet. But according to live aquaria they're fine Strawberry Crab
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