Emperor Angel - Couldn't help it!

Okay - so I hear it said about tank size and Emperors, and yes , likely an excuse to get another big tank here. I started my waterfall aquarium. A 90 Gallon, a 40, then a 20. Likely more than that. I need to do the math. the 90 is 27 and a half square. I just took these picts with the moon lights on. Tank lights off now, storming out. Powers flahing a bit. Anyway - at the store I've gone to when a kid, the owner John Mott at Advanced Aquariums told me that the Angel he had with color changing and being so small, would be fine in the 90 with just the small Snowflake Eel. The first chamber of the tanks is 90G. he said " look at the 125 with 3 fish. The Angel is in the tank with 3 fish, and do fine. The fish won't grow much larger. It's all about the fish size and what it will grow to. How many other fish will be introduced. Etc." So I think he felt a little bad battling my health issue ( just a decent guy), and told me an awesome price. Ugghh. Here I go leaving with this fih I am absolutely in love with. I look at the cube and the fishes size. It looks like enough space. I can still see the swirles leaving its body from the baby stage. This fish will grow, but is John right about its size being limited since it is small now and color change has taken place? Or do I set up a large tank for him used when he needs it - if so in 6 monbths or a year? I had heard many posts that said 125 was the lowest amount of water. If he is with just the eel , will this tank suffice or should I boost up a notch and get a larger one?


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Instead of preaching that your tank is way too small, you can decide for yourself.
Here's a couple pics of an Emperor in a local guys 225g tank (72x24x30)


He grew it out in his tank. It was about 3" when he bought it. It's about 11" now. Here's the same fish about 4 yrs ago.

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+1 ccCapt

Also, saltwater fish will continue to grow, unlike freshwater fish are rumored to be, they wont stay small in a small tank.
Sorry, ccCapt, I couldn't see the angel through that GIANT MASS OF TRUMPETS!! Holy cow. That's gotta be the largest colony of trumpets I've ever seen in a home aquarium.
Lol, they have masks and fight crime. . . I really didn't know either that the whole saltwater and size of growth per tank was not true. You know how many times I heard that. Must be a sale technique.Considering this fish will eat better than I, I believe I will look at the 200+ that I saw. May do that as my final big build.
Decided today that I would order a 210G. That will be drilled on the top with a waterfall that will turn the 3 stage into a 4 stage. So I will house the Emperor in the large tank, and then go to the other cubes for clams and inverts, reef safe stuff. I can't wait to start the building. The live rock will cost - so I will mix and match with dry rock and when it gets stable I will do the transfer.
Running into trouble in my pocket with the 210. Didn't think so expensive without overflows. Just looking for a black 210 regular. Hmmmmm..... The search is on. I got a price of 600 bucks. I think thats high.
good luck with the new tank

larry wow those pics are amazing. I love angels and had a hard time concentrating on it because of the corals