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i have been feeding my little cat with Fauna Marin LPS pellets which it loves , but yesterday ( 25th ) i chopped up a very small bit of squid ring and offered it to my cat.
and surprisingly it snatched it off my stick.

i sat and watched it ( sorry no pics or vids ) and to my surprise it continued to eat it ... even though what i thought was a small bit , was fairly big compared to the cats mouth lol.... ooooops.

ever since its eaten the bit of squid , it has been so happy and ive never seen it so open before , the green colour enhanced and its tentacles expanded way out.

i have noticed that it has a 2nd mouth appearing , do cats split ? as the main skeleton is fairly small . and may seem like a stupid question . but do i feed both mouths ? or just one as they are the same coral on same skeleton .
I only feed one at a time. I rotate on where i feed it. I think its alot of food if i feed all of them. Mine has six mouths on it, i also feed my open brain coral the same. Try to stay away from the pellets and continue to feed the frozen meaty foods for best results. Good luck
the pellets are huge ( popular ) over here in the UK with no complaints and reviews of great corals with plenty colour.
a forum i was on ( before being banned for life ) one guy there only uses pellets as his lps wont touch anything else , not even mysis shrimp.

and my lobo so far has only eaten pellets , it shows absolutely no interest in any other food at all .
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i doubt thats it , as this guy only feeds his corals when he remembers and can be bothered.
the last time he fed them was 2 months ago lol.
so you would have thought they would be really hungry .

its just corals being corals , as i also know someone whos corals will not eat pellets what so ever and will actively get rid of the pellets .