not staying put


Reefing newb
I created a post in the wrong part about my RBTA going for a walk.

well it went back to exactly the same spot it was in before it moved and had stayed for over a week.
i tried feeding it a small bit of squid ring but instead it just pulled its tentacles in and allowed the bit of squid ring to fall.
and ive read that some nems you have to keep offering food until you find what it likes to eat , the guy i bought it from feeds all of his nems small whole fish . but i can only get lance fish which are a bit bigger than the fish he feeds his nems with.

i have contacted the guy i bought it from , as he has offered help if i need it.
But i think he is away for a long weekend , as it is a bank holiday here in the UK.

as this is a tank cloned RBTA they are less demanding in needs and in the UK regarded as bomb proof.
my RBTA just wanders around it stays attached to the rock work , it just goes walk about during the night . i did read about the sniff test if you can lift the rock the nem is on . and there is absolutely no smell at all from it . and it still has its colour and the mouth remains closed unless its having a :pooh: lol.

i guess there is no real answer possibly , as BTA's do there own thing seeing as they cant read books , care sheets etc lol.

ive read many many things on the net , just some of what ive read :-

its thinking about splitting so moving around ..
its still trying to settle in .
i have to much light .
i have to little light .
its moving in search of food .

i know its all part an parcel of having a RBTA , but i am hoping to get more corals shortly and i dont want to have to baby sit the tank / other corals all because my RBTA wont sit on her ass lol.
Great video about nems :)
[ame=]Sway Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee: Anemones in Saltwater Tanks - YouTube[/ame]
lol seems as though my nem is doing what nems do best. do as it pleases.

its settled down for now and surprisingly started to bubble up as well .
so i will just keep covering the powerhead if she keeps going near it lol.

cheers Angie.