Dot and dash butterflyfish

Species information for the Dot and dash butterflyfish, in the Butterflys category.

  1. FAMILY - Chactodontidae

    SCIENTIFIC NAME - Chaetodon Pelewensis

    COMMON NAME - Cot-and-Dash Butterflyfish

    SIZE - 5" (12.5 cm)

    RANGE - Western Pacific

    MIN. AQUARIUM SIZE - 55 US Gal. (208 L)

    FOODS AND FEEDING - Marine fish finely chopped, crustacean flesh, mysid shrimp, frozen preparations. Feed min. 3 times a day.


    REEF COMPATIBILITY - Not suitable for the reef aquarium.

    CAPTIVE CARE - Feeds on coral polyps, will accept substitute foods, finely chopped fresh or frozen seafoods, live brine shrimp, live black worms. Has a small mouth so food must be finely chopped, small individuals may have trouble ingesting adult live brine shrimp. Can be kept with other butterfly fish and in groups, to keep more than one add all at same time.

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