Could they be brine shrimp?


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So here was me trying to take a picture of my dottyback for the POTM when I caught something very small moving on the glass of my tank. I got closer to it and I saw all these white dots moving all over the glass. Then, I started to freak out because I saw them everywhere on the tank, specially over the parts where the diatoms are growing on the glass and even on my filter pipe. They are so small, that I didn't see them at the beginning.

I haven't clean the algae on the front of my tank because two of my astraea snails where feeding of the algae there. I used to have diatoms on my rocks, but since I've learned how to not over feed my dottyback I don't have to much of them and my snails need to eat too.

Last week, I bought some live brine shrimp from one of the LFS that I frequent. They were very cheap only $1.49 per a bag. The seller told that I could feed my fish for three days with that, so I bought it. I know the live brine shrimp doesn't have nutritional value for the fish so I continue feeding my fish with the flakes and other days I gave him some frozen food and as a treat I started giving him the shrimp like 3 or 4 hours after I fed him. He started chasing them as crazy and since them he just look at me every time I got closer to the tank thinking I'm gonna give him the shrimp. I really enjoyed seeing him go after them, so I'm definitely going to buy some more for him. He definitely deserves them!

Now I'm thinking if those creatures in my tank could be brine shrimp I remember seeing some of them together as if they were copulating in the tank when I fed them to my fish. I was afraid of throwing that water where they came in to my tank, so I used a small net to take them out of the bag and then I place them in the tank for my fish.

Do you think they could be the shrimp? I posted a video on my Youtube channel so you can take a peak of them and help me to identify them. Do you think they could be something else even something bad? They are really small so you can only see the white dots moving around the glass on the video.

I'll really appreciate if someone have a guess on this. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my thread and watch my video.

Could they be live brine shrimp? - YouTube


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Free fish food and mini clean up crew for those very tiny scraps that no other CUC can reach.

It is good news all around. :)

You're so right because I used to have some diatoms dust on my sand and now is all gone. The only problem is that now my snails have to compete with the pods for the food :D.