Dissapointed in Bulk Reef Supply


Reefing newb
So here is the deal I ordered a Reef Octopus BH-100 skimmer from there and everything appeared to be going ok until I opened the box and found out there was a great number of parts missing from the skimmer. They said said there was no problem with refunding me the money or sending a new skimmer out. I opted for the new skimmer but now I have to wait until Monday to get it. I am just disappointed because I had mostly heard great things about BRS.
Well there are mistakes that happen, at least they are going to ship out a totally new one. Hopefully everything will be fixed. Good luck!
+1 reefnoob. Expecting people not to screw up will often lead you to disappointment. At least allow for a correction of the wrong before you get upset.
I'm not sure i understand how you're disappointed in BRS, they don't control how another company (Reef Octopus) packages their product. And on top of that when you called you immediately were offered a refund or a replacement for the problem you had. So how are you disappointed in them?
I will admit that it was unreasonable for me to be upset with BRS but this was kind of posted in the heat of the moment. I Had gotten the skimmer that morning but had waited until after I got home from a crap day at work and this was just the icing on the cake lol BRS was actually really helpful