Custom 90gal Reef Setup


Reefing newb
Guys I really need your help... Im getting out of the hobby after several very awesome years! :sfish:

I have my custom built tank and need some pointers in selling it. Its a 90gal mixed reef on hand built frame and hood. I also built the lighting with 4 - 48" T5's and 2- 150watt MH's on electronic ballast's with moon lighting...

I know what it cost me to put together but dont have a clue on the overall value especially since I built the stand, Hood and lighting myself... Can you guys please give me some realistic estimate on what I could expect to get or what ballpark I could ask for? Ive got over 7k into it since I started... Here are a few items and some pics of my system.

Fish and Coral:

-Coral Beauty Angel Fish
- 1 Male and 1 Female Percula clownfish (only sold as a pair)
- 1 Large Pink Spotted Gobie
- 1 Yellow Watchmen Gobie
- 1 Lawnmower Blenny
- 2 blue chromis
-1 Beautiful Red Sea Purple Tang
-Green hammer coral
- Large Australian Elegance Coral
-Green Torch Coral
-6" Deep Blue and Purple Maxima Clam
-Metallic Green Brain Coral
-Large ORA Bird of Paradise

-90 Gal Glass tank all plumbing
-Mag Drive 9.5 pump
-40 Gal Sump
-Reef Octopus Extreme XS-160 Skimmer.
-4 - ATI 54watt T-5 bulbs and ballasts.
-2 -150 watt Ushio Metal Halide 20k bulbs
-2 -Luma Tek Electronic Ballasts (selectable up to 250+ watts each) and wiring all built into custom wooden hood with side vent fans.
-300 watt true temp digital heating and remote thermometer .
-3 koralia powerheads and Wave simulator power strip.
-55gal spare tank (not being used)
-4 stage RO-DI Water filtration system 100 Gal Per day - All filters just replaced
-Water testing kits, Fish food, and many extras
-moonlighing and super blue panorama 12 LED module
-75lbs of fully cured live rock





Are you wanting to sell everything separately, or parted out? For example, are you looking for prices for individual components and livestock?

Resale value of used equipment is not great -- generally you can expect to get less than half of what you paid even if it's in great condition. Livestock is a little more flexible -- you can't ask LFS prices, but you can get pretty close.
Where are you located? Maybe some around will help. And probably parting it out would be your best bet. Of course sell your live stock first but make a list of equipment ppl want to buy. GL
Thanks guys, I was thinking of parting it out but would need to sell all livestock first... Then Ive had a few interested parties in the whole system and figured that might just be the less hassle way to go...
Oh, One other important question...

Since I built the hood, lights and wiring etc... Is there any liability issues with me selling this to someone?

For example if I sold it, and one of the lights detached, or someone put their hand in the wrong place and got shocked?