cube tank?


Reefing newb
How difficult would it be to build a 24x24x24 cube tank and build an overflow into it (drilling the bottom)?

The tank would be 60 gallons with those dimensions, and will become an in wall tank.
Drilling is easy, the only problem i see would be holding the glass in place, tightly, while sealing it with 100% silicone. But, im not even sure how it is done, if they just line the plates of glass up together and silicone, or if they some other step involved.
As long as its not tempered, you can drill. If the sides are tempered, you have to be really careful, tap those two pieces together and youre back to the store. If its all annealed, you should just be able to line them up in a little jig (two pieces of wood screwed together at 90°?) And silicone away.
That's what I was thinking. I figured I would make 2 jigs. One for top and bottom. And silicone it that way. Then since I'm building it into the wall that stand will be custom and give plenty of support I believe