CPR Protein Skimmer


Reefing newb
hi everyone,

im just starting to get my equipment together to start my first saltwater aquarium.
my list is as follows

48x18x18 aquarium
t5 48" luminare with 4 tubes in fixture
4x powerheads en route as we speak

what i wanna know as you guys are the experts here is is this protein skimmer any good.


ive seen the red sea, prism ones and have heard bad reviews of them but my lfs keeps trying to get me to buy one and im very reluctant.
if anyone has had any experience with this above unit or knows its capabilities it would be very helpful to get some feedback on it.

many thanks in advance

ps, it seems cheaper to get the skimmer from the US and get some powerheads from over here to fit on it.

the cpr skimmers will do what they say, however, you must be very carful not to mix and match, as the cpr units are deisgned with very close tolerances and they may not perform as expected if pumps or other equipment is used to modify them. just a heads up, otherwise they are a good product. I will be using a cpr 294 for my system and used a 194 for my last system. hope this helps, good luck. oh and by the way there are accessories for these units you might want to research them throughly before purchase. hope something here helps. www.cpraquatics.com
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I,m sure this is a great skimmer . I use a sea clone .The biggest thing to remember is to get a skimmer bigger than the size of the tank .If you have a 75 gallon get a skimmer for a 150. My sea clone does a great job , I like it and I liked the price too
Cpr make great skimmer but I would recommend the bubble trap.I heard as there breaking in they release allot of micro bubbles in the water.The same website has them for under $20.I think this one of the accessaries JHNRB spoke of