Coraline bleaching away?

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Reefing newb

I have some white spots that are showing up on my coraline algae and need to know what to do about them.



I have an Urchin that I have been told will eat my coraline, but I'm fairly sure he doesn't get around the tank as fast as this is spread.

I tested this past weekend and I am well within normal params. Calcium is at 480 and bad stuff was nil.

What say you, Tankmasters?
I saw one months ago but I think my crab got him. never seen it again.

Ca was 480 this weekend. Been dosing Purple Up since I noticed it.
Yes, I have urchin but he only seems to hang out under one particular rock. I have never seen him range out as far as this has spread. I could just be missing it, but I peek into the tank at all hours (totally addicted to this hobby!).
Ok, that's cool. Just making sure there wasn't an issue killing it off. It's fine if it's just the urchin.
Damn... I love Google Images...


Emrald Crabs huh... I have had Emmy for quite a while and have just noticed the bleaching.
OK.. back up the truck...
What is Purple Up? ..

Edit: I looked it up and I'm already doing this with other products. I was hoping it contained coraline spores.
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It does. Kent makes one called Purple Tech I think. I use it occasionally to bump calcium up.

You shouldn't add anything like that without testing for calcium, though. You wouldn't want to overdose the tank.

As for spores, just use a piece you have. A lot of frags come with it on them or rocks...just scrape some off to seed the tank. :-)