Coral Beginner


Reefing newb
I want to run you guys through my first coral purchase and process to make sure I am doing everything correctly. Please correct me or provide any suggestions you guys have. I went with a few beginner, easy to manage corals to start with. I plan on building a frag rack with the magnet scrubber and egg crate for a frag rack. I also have a 5 gallon ATO system that I plan on keeping my Kalkwasser in. I will use 1/2 a teaspoon per ATO gallon to begin and test the levels and adjust from there. Do I need anything else?

From what I have read I should keep them on the rack at a lower setting at first to let them get used to the light, then bump it up over time? How long should I keep them at the different stages? Also, when is it safe to seat the frags where I want them in the rocks? I will also get the thick super glue and use that to secure them to my desired areas. Is there anything that I am missing or need to look more into?
Good plan, but unless you already have alk issues (which I doubt in a new tank with few corals) there is no need to dose the kalkwasser. I would be very careful with that stuff, can easily cause an overdose and then a tank crash.

I would move them higher once a week.
I crashed both of my tanks using kalkwasser a few years ago. It killed nearly everything. Don't use it unless you completely understand it and know how and why you are using it. It shouldn't be necessary for a new tank or a mixed reef.

Also, you are right about acclimating the corals to your lighting. It usually takes a few weeks for them to adjust. Just gradually move them to where you want them to be permanently.
Since the tank is pretty new, do I just need to keep an eye on the calcium levels? And if it gets low just put some in the ATO to balance it out?

Also is there anything else I need to keep my eye on?