Club Officers and Dues


Reef enthusiast
Well everyone it is that time of year again. Club officers need to be voted on for the next year. I guess the best thing to do is plan on voting at the meeting we are planning for patricks house at the end of the month. Our new officers will be decided and take office after the frag swap. please if you are a club member you really need to be at this meeting. and if you would like to serve as a officer this year you need to be giving it thought so you will be prepared should your name be selected.
Also dues are due at the end of the month for the next year. Please plan on bringing your dues to this meeting if at all possible to make it easier to renew everyone at the same time.
Are we having the meeting at my house??? I have never gotten confirmation. We can either do the meeting the last weekend or last minute swap meeting at my house the first weekend of aug. I just need to know soon so I can plan my schedule accordingly.