Cleaning Old Tank


Reefing newb
I am cleaning a used tank to be used as my future reef tank, I'm using vinegar and a non abrasive scrub pad, but I was wondering if I could use a clay bar. I seen clay bars used to clean car wind shields. I would like to us one for the inside of the tank. Any thoughts?
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Clay bars work by removing contamination from the surface of paint/glass - it kinda pulls them off as you rub it over the surface. That being said, I'd be worried about any residue affecting your water quality...

What plans do you have for your tank?
The tank is to be used as a reef tank. As for the clay bar, I'm planning on using the bar then using vinegar , and finishing with warm water and paper towels.
Is it a glass or acrylic tank?

Using vinegar is really all you need. It is acidic and will eat and soften algae and calcium deposits.
put the vinegar in a spray bottle. spray down the inside of the tank. let it sit for a bit, but you want to keep it damp with vinegar. probably spray it 2 maybe 3 times then use a razor knife, the kind for taking paint off of windows. it will strip right off like nothing. thats how i cleaned off 3 yrs of growth off the back of my tank when i moved it.