chocolate chip starfish


salt water dummy
so yesterday i went home after work and like every other day went straight to my tank. low and behold there is a pretty good sized cc starfish sitting on one of my live rocks. now this thing is way too big to have been a hitch hiker for me to have not seen it. now im wondering, where did this thing come from?

so i call my LFS guy, Jason, and start telling him about this thing, he starts laughing his arse off! im like what the hell? then he says to me, and i quote, "someone dumped 2 of them off on me at the store, so i figured i would dump one off on you and see what you would say when you got home!" so him and my wife had this conspiracy going the whole time! im hoping my DF puffer will eat it!

until this hopefully happens, what do i feed this thing? how?
i dont have any corals as of yet anyway. gotta wait till the move to set up the 120 gallon, and still dont know if im gonna go with any corals or not. lights are waaaaayyyyyyyy too expensive for a man with 6 daughters!!!
im not all that relaxed, just patient, well, until it comes to this aquarium addiction i have gotten my self into...