Cheap power compact!

I haven't ordered anything from them myself but have not heard any good things about Aquatraders, problems with defective merchandise, bad customer service, etc.
Ahh Aquatrades. I hear questions about this place about every couple months, I even asked about them when I started. Well the used to use magnetic ballists and some would catch fire, they also from what I read have very poor customer service, however there is a very big thread on RC were people have bought the new electronic units and they work good and the people seem to love them. So its up to you, I have thought about buying the new ones and giving them a try but there still is the risk of getting a bad one and go through hell and back to get it replaced. If I can find the thread again I will post it on here, but if I remember right the people say everything from servic to the light are alot better than before. Dont go and buy these just because what I have said I dont want any responsabilaty if it doesnt work out, I'm just letting you know what I have read alot recently. Good luck, and if you do buy one keep us posted on how it goes.
Well i would never go and buy something just because one guy said so...but i did a little research after i posted the first time. Everyone says pretty much the same thing you said. The old ballast were bad but the new ones work just fine. Someone said the bulbs seem a little cheap that come with it,but that can be replaced later. About a total of fifty people said there cheap but work just fine. Of course there made cheap im mean what do you expect for a 72'' power compact that cost 180 bucks. One guy said his fans make a squealing noise when you first turn them on. But they seem to be priced right.
I hate to bring up a dead post here, but for what its worth..I use the aquatraders HO T-5's both with external e-ballasts. My oldest one is pushing 2 years old, the other is close to a year. The enclosures are built very sturdy for the $45.00 i spent on them. The bulbs are definately not the nicest looking, but they will serve well as a backup bulb. I'm using mine now cuz my Geisman's went bad. The service in my experiance was excellent. I ordered sunday night they were on my doorstep by wednesday. 1 ballast was DOA, I e-mailed support, the next day they called me asked me 20 questions, and then sent me a replacement ballast free. The only problem i had with them, is theyre kinda hard to understand as they dont speak english well. I plan on buying a couple more of these for my next tank.