Can some one identify


Reefing newb
Have these small specs all over my rocks and I have a colony of zoas disappearing not sure if these little specs is my problem killing them


Looks like a good case of the flatworms. Flatworm exit didn't work for me, but it has has given others good results with increased dosage of up to 5-10x. Do this at your own risk and desrepancy. Just be ready with water change water because when they die, they release a toxin. Suck out as many as you can before you dose it and about five minutes after. Then do a 20% water change. Good luck
Are they moving? They could be flatworms. If they are flatworms, I dont think they are responsible for the zoas disappearing. Nudibranches could cause the zoas to disappear, have you seen any slug like things on them? Also, zoas will sometimes just melt away for no reason i can figure out.
No they are not moving and I don't see any slugs here's a before and after pic below


All the zoas I have on that rock not opening up all the way others zoas place on other rocks look good I also have black sand so there's specs of black sand

Video I made a couple of weeks ago
[ame=]Biocube 29 - YouTube[/ame]
Those are flatworms, which are a pest. But they may or may not be the reason for the zoas disappearing. Even if they are not causing your zoas to die, you still need to address the flatworms and I would treat with Flatworm Exit.

What are your water parameters?
salinity about 1.025 0nitrates , 0 phosphate 0nitrite just change all my rodi filters and did a 10 gallon water change
I think so. They look identical to the ones I had. My mandarin ended up devouring mine, but I didn't buy him for that purpose. Happy accident :)
Wrasses will also do a good job at keeping them in check. You could probably fit a six-line wrasse in that tank and it would devour them. Beautiful tank by the way!
Odds are, you do and it won't eat them anyway. Then you have a fish that you might not have included in your stocking plans. Six- line wrasses may eat them, the yellow coris wrasse is better known for eating them, but again, it's not a sure thing, and that fish wouldn't fit in your system. Try the flatworm exit.