Building a sump/refigium


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I'm building a sump/refugium from a 30 gal tank, its 36" long by 15" high. I'm trying figure the height of the various baffles. My first 2 baffles will be over/ under, followed b a 4" baffle coming off the bottom (for bubble control). That will make the intake chamber. Next the refugium, followed by 3 more baffles to form the return chamber Those 3 baffles will be over/ under and then another 4 " baffle coming up from the bottom. So I need to know how tall each baffle should be. I'm planning to set the baffles which allow water to flow under them to be 1.5" off the bottom. I hope this makes sense.
From left to right my first baffle is 12.5" from left side and stands 11.5" tall.
2nd baffle is 24.25" from left side and stands 10.75" tall.
Next baffle is 2.5" to the right of baffle #2 and is 9.5" tall in physical height and sits 2.5" from the bottom while the top of that baffle sits about 1.25" higher than baffle #2.. After that is the return pump area.

Those are the baffle heights in my Trigger 36 sump.


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