Buh Bye leopard

Well, luckily my LFS was able to keep one wrasse in the store for me till I got home from vacation. I picked her up yesterday and went a little pic crazy with her.




Simply stunning! Congrats.

Thank Smitty!
So what is it that makes does wrasses expert only?

Well, a lot of times they'll only eat live foods, similar to a mandarin. But in my case, I've got them all eating frozen food however, they are extremely picky and each different one only eats one kind of food that I feed. The ornate wrasse only eats mysis, the leopard only eats krill and picks a little bit at the mysis, and so far my blue star only seems to like squid.
aw i'm sorry buddy, finding your fish on the floor is an awful experience. i found my firefish on my floor a few days ago and it was not fun, so i feel for you.