Brown jelly?

IDFK know what this is or even how it happened. But they been like this for a week or so.....what is it and what should i do?:frustrat::frustrat::frustrat::frustrat::frustrat::frustrat::frustrat::frustrat:

Not brown jelly brother. Dying flesh in your zoas. Mine have done that as well. Pull out the colony and carefully scrap and pull off the dying skin. What you can't get to, use a soft bristle tooth brush and brush away. Rinse them in RO, then dip them and put em back in. I have had to do this a couple times, they will recover.
Its next to impossible to get the colony out. should i just frag it at this point and scrape/dip and hope for the best? Thank god it isnt brown jelly...thats a sigh of relief
you may be able to scrap and brush most of it off in tank. Just try to syphon up the decaying flesh as you do. Or you can frag it and do like you said.