Bluespotted Stingray


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FAMILY - Daysatidae

SCIENTIFIC NAME - Taeniura Lymma

COMMON NAME - Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray (Bluespotted Stingray)

SIZE - 28" (71 cm)

RANGE - Western Pacific

MIN. AQUARIUM SIZE - 300 US Gal. (1136 L)

FOODS AND FEEDING - Live grass shrimp, marine worms, once feeding response is obtained, pieces of fresh shrimp, scallop, marine fish flesh. Feed once per day minimum.


REEF COMPATIBILITY - Will eat ornamental crustaceans and small fishes, needs a large unclutted sand bottom.

CAPTIVE CARE - Rarely does well in captivity, may not feed, all can be ok and then for no reason it will stop feeding or suddently die, water quality must be extremely good, even small amounts (traces) of copper can affect the rays health. Provide large swimming room, large open sand bottom, use only r/o water or deionized water, little or not decorations, and at least one large secure ledge for the ray to hide under.

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