blue green chromis eating sps?

decided to add a few blue green chromis and noticed one of them nibbling on my monti digitata... has anyone seen this? i've got a bunch of other SPS in the tank and was wondering if i need to remove them. very disturbed.
You fed the fish? Plankton? My Chromis dont bother anyhing and they are like a standard issue in every reef tank I see. My chromis really like plankton, but who wouldn't?
as soon as i dropped them in, they got a cube of mysis... i'd say they were well fed... i'll see how they behave tomorrow. if i see any more "nips" at corals, i'm gonna remove them immediately.
yea I would be surprised if it was eating the coral, but that doesn't mean that it won't sometimes reef safe fish start eating coral. I have a purple tang that after 7 years decidedit liked open brains. I think it was originally picking some food out of it and took a bite of he brain.