Biffy Finally Gets a Build Thread!

yeah for sure. I really like the cheesecloth idea.... but I'm not wild about it with a tang

You know, I hadn't considered the tang factor...

For a fish with no scales, or if fins are spiny or something (I have no experience with tangs...) the cheesecloth may not be a good idea. could also use visquine (trash bag material), and let water flow out into a bucket/tub as you lift the fish out of the water. Messier...probably.

I initially thought cheesecloth because it doesn't really have "holes" like a net would have, but I don't really know if something could easily get caught in it...

It seems like slowly dumping it in after water acclimatization would be the ideal method, followed by some kind of "lift and drain" method maybe if you have to do it by yourself.

I like small fish :Big Hair:
I love big fish and I have moved my 180 2 times now. it aint no thing. just takes people...... lots of people and time. ill have to comlpetely re plumb my tank next time I move it because I have used pvc couplers before but its shortened the pipes to the bare minimum. I have a harder time keeping all the snails and crabs in order than my big fish
Jill V. Lamingi is home. It took the LFS over half an hour to catch her, and she was super stressed. Her fins got a little shredded in the move. I was going to use Redline's method of moving her into my tank, but wasn't able to since she came in copper treated water. So next best option, I took a pillowcase and got it under her in the tub and made a sling out of it, like how they move beached whales and stuff. She is in the main tank now, but is breathing very heavily and is staying in one corner. She is sooooo huge. I'm wondering if even my tank is big enough for this behemoth. My rockwork is not really set up to give her a place to hide; I don't have any caves big enough. I'll have to keep an eye on how she does.

Pictures to come when NDB cleans the glass :).
He cleans the glass at least once a week, it's one of the many little things he does to show me that he loves me :)

I forgot to mention, when the LFS was trying to catch Jill V. Lamingi, she had all her spikes out and managed to stab him a couple times as he was moving her :(. And then she started biting. Kind of a mean fish.
Thats a good man youve got there biff! It would be never if the post said "Pictures to come when I clean the glass"
are you F@$KI@G KIDDING ME!!!!!!! No pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is an outtage. clean that glass I didn't wait this long for a text related update!
not only did you let me down, you let Jack down...... and how could you do that to a certified badass like this....


hey i figured if she wasnt going to post pics i would trow my vlamingi out there
yep. thats one expensive ass fish! Im super glad i got mine for such a good price (free). jack is prob around 12 inches so he would be minimum 400