Biff's 90 Gallon Downgrade

I never really have to add too much (I've had the same bottle of it for years now and still haven't run out), and I only do it about once every week or two, so it seems to stay up.
Allen, you will have better results if you ask your own questions in your own threads. It was answered in the thread you started that you are using a salt that makes it difficult to raise calcium.
Biff, do you mind if I start posting pictures of my tank, kids, and other cool stuff I have pictures of in your build thread? I don't want mine to get all mucked up with information.:D
I'm going to keep the lights off tomorrow too... And turn them on when I get home from work. I don't want to keep them on during the day if I'm not home to supervise.
I know. I'm worried because I go out of town for work Thursday morning. And won't be back until Sunday night. That means they have two days to get their act together. I don't think NDB can handle a situation with a dead tang (or two) in the tank... I fear an ammonia crash in my future unless they shape up.
NDB and I were going to catch the sailfin today and take him back to the LFS if the yellow still hasn't chilled out... But I haven't seen the sailfin since two nights ago :( The PBT is fine, hiding, not swimming a lot, but is eating and looking healthy and moving around in one area. The one firefish and the royal gramma are both doing great.

I go out of state for work tomorrow, so if the sailfin is not just hiding, I really hope it doesn't spike the ammonia and nitrites... I'm really sad about that fish :(
Bit of an ordeal with these fish, i have 2 firefish at the moment and they were out and about straight away! but i have no fish that harass each other :P

good luck with this crazy tang!
YES! The sailfin came out last night and ate like a horse. I think the yellow tang has just forced him into adopting a nocturnal lifestyle :(
Have you noticed them doing the "backin up " into each other thing? That's what mine did when I initially put them in the tank. They sailfin will blow pu his fins and back into the yellow. Funny how your yellow is the aggressor, mine is the opposite..My yellow just wants to be left alone, but if he gets too close to the sailfin, the sailfin cops a "tude"

Hope everything calms down for ya.