Biff's 90 Gallon Downgrade


I am a girl
I ordered my new tank today. A 90 gallon with one center overflow. And a black stand. I just ordered it over the phone from my LFS, so I have no idea what it's going to look like or anything. He said it'd be in within 3 weeks. Hopefully sooner, since I keep having to go back to my old house to take care of the 240. Expect updates to this thread in a few weeks!

What are your plans with the 240?

Are you going to clean the algae off the glass on the 90? :mrgreen:
Any specific stocking plans?
WOW from 240 to 90. I bet the 240 was a pain to keep up with. When you say center overflow do you mean in the center of the tank or in the center on the back?
I mean in the center of the tank... Not on the back.

I'm downgrading because the lighting for my 240 is too expensive, it's too much work to keep up and maintain, and I just don't like it anymore. I'm just going to transfer all my livestock from the 240 into the 90. And sell off the excess live rock. I don't want to move the 240 to my new house, so hopefully once I empty it out and clean it up, it will sell quickly.
hmm makes me want to ask questions like:

so, how much you sell'n it for?
how much would the gas cost me to go from here to there and back to haul it?

would all that be cheaper than just buying a bigger tank locally?
ok, over my budget.... i cant get the wife to pop for $200 for a decent skimmer, how would i ever get her to go for that?
Cool Biff! Cant wait to see... and with all yoru knowledge, you will not be that far behind my 125, so i can learn from you as you are bringing it up! Good Luck for sure! Cant wait to see it!
The tank arrives tonight! Around 7 pm! Which means I'll be heading to Lowe's after it comes to pick up all my plumbing supplies. The plan is to plumb it and install the sump tonight.

Tomorrow, I'm going to my old house and picking up my skimmer and RODI unit, then I'll install the skimmer and fill it with water, add salt, and let it mix overnight.

Then Sunday moving starts. I'm going to get a lot of new 5 gallon buckets and heavy duty trash bags tonight from Lowe's, and on Sunday, I'll have to pack up all my rocks, drain the old tank, catch the fish, remove the sand, and move everything over to the new house.

I'm going to clean the rocks one by one. Removing all trace of Kenya weed and majano! If I have to boil some of them (which I know I will), so be it. I do not want to start this tank off on the wrong foot. Because it will take a while to clean all the rocks, the fish will have to live in a rockless tank for a while, but they'll be okay. I'll add the sand in on Sunday too.

As for equipment, I think I'm going to do this tank a little differently. I'll still use my Octo skimmer (like I'm gonna let a $600 skimmer go to waste), but instead of doing a remote DSB/fuge like the last tank, I'm going to try a DIY algae scrubber (courtesy of Santa Monica's informative thread) and a refugium. I'm going to somehow have the scrubber in the fuge to conserve space.

I'm bringing the cable from the work camera home (still can't find mine) and you'd better believe that there will be pictoral updates throughout the weekend.

I hope all my fish survive. They will be PISSED OFF at me.