Biff's 90 Gallon Downgrade

It has been awhile. Everything is going fine. No deaths in the last few weeks, and my corals are all coming out and opening up nicely again! I think it's safe to say the kalk disaster has passed. I need to take some pics, so I can get an entry for the POTM competition this month.
awesome to hear that. glad everything is doing well

im thinking of stopping to use kalk because of so many problems people are having with it and switching over to dosing 2 part daily.
WOW.. Is all i can really say... When I moved 3 years ago I lost everything but my 2 clowns I've had for 4 or 5 years. And I pretty much stopped with this hobby. I have no idea on how you kept going through all of this Biff. Much props to you :Cheers:. I have recently ordered some lights and got my 55 gallon up and running. I'll being making a new thread soon :^:

Again very well done Biff
Thank you! I cleaned off my glass last night. I'm going to do a water change today... Then hopefully I'll have some updated pics of everything.
I have a new FTS in this month's POTM competition. And I took lots more, but haven't uploaded them yet. Will do this weekend when I get back home!
Thank you. That FTS made me realize that I need a better camera. My camera works fine for close-up shots, but as soon as I try to step away and take a picture from a few feet, none of the details or colors show up.
I purchased some new additions yesterday. Maybe I went overboard and am regretting it though...

I bought some CUC -- emerald crabs, some astraea and turbo snails, a few pep shrimps (one of which landed from the bag I was dumping in the tank straight in my plate coral's mouth and it promptly ate the brand new shrimp, to my horror!), a fire shrimp, and a cleaner shrimp.

I bought 3 red firefish (no problem). They came out to eat last night, but I haven't seen them this morning. No surprise there.

I didn't buy a royal gramma, but I found it in my bag when I got home... Hmmmm... So now I guess I have a royal gramma too? It could be worse. Could have been an ugly fish or a non-reef safe fish! I checked my receipt -- they did charge me for it. :(

And... Maybe the bad decision. I got a small sailfin tang and a small PBT. My yellow, who has happily lived with other tangs before, including a sailfin, so I thought he'd be okay with them, is not taking to them well AT ALL. I turned off the lights when I added them to the tank, and the yellow immediately started going after the poor sailfin, which is half his size. I spent the next couple hours beating the yellow off of the other tangs with a wooden spoon. Tried feeding them to distract him, and that worked while there was food in the tank.

This morning, the PBT is cowering in a corner, and the sailfin is cowering in a cave. I don't know if i will be able to catch them to take them back if need be. I feel horrible!! Hopefully the yellow will shape up today.

I was really expecting them to get along. The yellow lived with a kole and a sailfin for years with no aggression. :cry:
Oh I forgot to add, I also picked up a little galaxea frag and a little pink and purple lobo frag. Nothing big, they are each about the size of a quarter.
I hope so!! I just clipped some algae sheets to the glass and the yellow actually swam by the PBT without backing himself up into him. Progress!