Bank butterflyfish

Species information for the Bank butterflyfish, in the Butterflys category.

  1. FAMILY - Chactodontidae

    SCIENTIFIC NAME - Prognathodes Aya

    COMMON NAME - Bank Butterflyfish, Doubleband Butterflyfish

    SIZE - 5.9" (15 cm)

    RANGE - North Carolina, south to Yucatan Penisula, Northerastern Gulf of Mexico

    MIN. AQUARIUM SIZE - 55 US Gal. (208 L)

    FOODS AND FEEDING - Feeds on most aquarium foods, frozen preparations, finely chopped seafood, brine shrimp, freeze dried krill, flake food. Feed min. 2 times a day.


    REEF COMPATIBILITY - May nip at soft coral polyps, gorgonian, will eat any tube worms, may nip at large polyped stony corals.

    CAPTIVE CARE - Acclimate to brighter light over a week or two, must be quarantined and given a 1 hour Formalin bath for flukes prior to introduction to the main tank, do not purchase specimens less than 2" in size who have a harder time acclimating. Once introduced will take couple days for the fish to settle in if it is not harassed by tankmates and longer if bothered, more than one can be housed in larger tanks of at least 100 US Gal. (379 L). Provide plenty of hiding places, and a varied diet of fresh, frozen, marine fare for carnivores and hebivores. Does best at 61 to 77 F (16 - 25 C).

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