Banded Trochus Snail - food source


Reefing newb
My 15 gallon tank has been set up for three weeks now and it looks like it has cycled. I had the aquarium store test the water and they said I'm good to go, and I've noticed white spots on the sides of my glass - upon closer inspection I saw that they are actually super tiny little snails themselves...which apparently is a good thing.... :)

I bought 5 banded trochus snails today and wanted to have them a few days to make sure the water is really good before I add fish.

I know these snails eat algae but I'm worried they won't have a food source if there aren't any fish in the tank. I have about 10 lbs. live rock in the tank and 15 lbs. live sand, plus I've used some bio-support drops a few times in the past few weeks. Is there going to be enough for the snails to survive on for three-four days before I get a couple fish?
There will be some film algae they can eat, and you can supplement with dried algae sheets if you are really worried about them.

Normally we dont suggest getting a CUC until they have some thing to eat, and inverts arent as hardy as fish (so you should put in a fish first), but you and the snails should be fine.