Baby seahorses scatching.

Good. I have some question for you. What size tank is best for them? What do they require? Are they easier to keep then the bigger ones? Can anything else be in the tank with them?
You can use a 10 Gallon tank for them. They require ONLY live foods you would have to hatch newly hatched brine shrimp for them. They are a little cheaper and easier to care for. I would not place any other animals with them because they mayget eaten and the other animals will eat the baby brine shrimp faster then the seahorses. They will end up staving to death.
The reason I ask is because my sister is into seahorses. She wants them real bad. So I'm thinking of getting her a small tank for them. Will one of them small bio cube tank work? I think that's what they're called they come with the light and filter etc.