What are you going to do with all the kiddos if you can't find someone to take them all?! Geez that's a lot of seahorses! You are doing a great job keeping up with them!
I've got one person locally who is interested in some so if little Francis has more babies I can give some or all of them to them I hope. We'll see how many of what I have now live to adult hood, the tanks real over crowded but the overall survival rate is not fantastic so just chugging away as best I can and we'll see who lives.

Right now I'm thinking I'll try and give away any new batches for a while and I am going to put Francis in the 20G before he gives birth this time now that I know it's him giving birth and I may leave him in there for a while to maybe break up the cycle. I like the babies but it has gotten way out of control and my DT is starting to suffer a bit for it. Some Dictoya macro algae that I let grow in my 90G DT a bit is getting a bit out of control and I've got some flatworms that I need to take care of, not very many and I think something in my tank is eating them because they seem to disappear for a day or two and then make an appearance and repeat. So I think I just need to do a good water change, pull out most of the Dictoya, which is probably holding onto a lot of detrius and clean things up a bit. I've also ordered a bunch more snails and tiny hermits as my CUC a bit slim right now. My hermits slowly get killed off by my pistol shrimp. They wander to close to its burrow entrance and I think it zaps them. I find dead hermits around that side of the tank periodically so I need to order more every 3-6 months. ;)
I think your seahorses are eating the flatworms, or at least mine did. When i freaked out and treated the tank for them they had more fun catching the buggers, it was quite cute.
I just wanta say, that is amazing. You have done an excellent job. Once my cichlids in my frshwater started breeding i couldnt get them to stop. I had to get rid of the female so i could keep up with all the babys. Not saying get rid of him by any means. This is very cool though.

Such an amazing experience! They are sooooo adorable!!! Congratulations!
So far, seahorses are my favorite! I wish I could have my own seahorse tank one day!