Sorry to hear about your losses, but it's good to see that you have one awesome survivor. :)

Can't wait to see some pics!
Sorry about the lack of pics been busy recently, but here are a bunch of the little guy. He's 3 weeks old today!




He's gotten big enough now that he is eating almost full grown brine shrimp now, which makes life TONS easier for me. There's a LFS that I can buy adult brine shrimp from so I can stop hatching and raising them now. I can also start getting the little guy acclimated to frozen food soon in a couple of weeks I think. He still has a lot of growing to do before I can put him in my DT but things are going well.
Well two years without anything and now our seahorses have gone into baby over drive. Another brood was found in the sump again today. Started with 50 but two died in the transfer to the 10 gallon. I still can't tell when the male is preggers but I've gotten good at telling when the female is in the mood for breeding, been looking for a new batch for a couple days now just wasn't 100% sure.

Pictures below!


Yay Macro lense!


The proud mother and father. Theoria the mother on the right and Stevie the dad on the left.

Close up of the dad, Stevie.
aww they are so cute and tiny! Congrats on getting them to breed like crazy u must be doing something right. Good Luck with this new batch!

When my seahorses were healthy and breeding, i would get babies almost ever 25 days exactly. So keep count and it will help you figure out when to expect some!