Aussie Gold Torch Suggestions


Reefing newb
Hello all! Its been a very long time since i've been on the forum, but i was wondering if you'll all be gracious enough to give me your opinion on something.
I have a beautiful aussie gold torch that i've had for a couple of months thats been doing very well, but im having a dilema with it. Since it's placed on the bottom and on the sand bed, my two sand sifting gobys keep dumping sand on it, now it hasn't seemed to be bothered by it to much, but i kind of want to mount it up on the rock work. the spot im thinking is about two thirds up from the bottom, towards the back of the tank. And yes i'll give you all the specs of my tank.:D

120 gal 48x24x24
EcoTech Radion's Gen one
Eco Tech MP60
150 lbs Liverock

And some pics!!:D Now the pic of the birdsnest is where im thinking of placing the aussie, it's on the back wall of the tank, about 60% from the bottom. (the birdsnest will go downstairs into one of the other tanks) The aussie will not recieve any direct light from the radion, more of an ambient amount. ANY opinions will be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks in advanced everyone!


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As long as you are not gluing it down where you can't move it if needed I don't see a problem doing it that way. I would definitely watch for signs of stress until it is acclimated to the new spot.
Thanks salt! I appreciate the input. Since the radions are on their natural setting mode they are only on full intensity from 2-5pm, so i think they'll do fine. Just wanted some of everyone's input. Thanks again!
Maybe you can slowly move it up. Maybe move it half way up the tank for 3-4 days, then move it up to the spot you want, so it doesn't shock your coral. My 2 cents.