Arrangement of live rock


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I am new to the hobby and have begun to add live rock to my 75 gallon tank. What is the best way to stack the rock so that it remains stable? Are there any tricks or helpful hints? I have read that the rock needs to be 4" for the glass to allow for proper circulation, is this the correct distance? And finally, where is the best place to find pics to give me ideas for my arrangement. Thanks.
I dont know were to find pics you can try in the photo gallery. One way to stack them is like a pyrimid and the use epoxy to glue them down that way there very stable. Oh and yes you do want a gap around the glass for circulation.
yes as bobby stated you do want the gap not just for waterflow but also for algae magnet, and snails as for stacking there is no certain way that is up to you just remember some fish and shrimp like caves when there stressed so making a couple of those would be beneficial, you can accomplish this by going to your local fish store and picking up some under water epoxy. Hope this helps.
Yeah, try and make caves and ledges of different sizes, make it so that fish can swim through to the back... Different animals prefer different habitats, so if you make it as diverse as possible you'll be able to accomodate and keep happy more of them.
you could zip tie them togeather or for some really cool structures you can drill the rock with a masonry(sp?) bit and slip them through acrylic rods. i did this to my rock and came up with some really cool pillars. if you don't wan't to do any of this though just make sure that they fit well when you stack them, this should be stable enough.
Thanks. Where di you buy the acrylic rods? Can they be bought at the local craft store or home center?
i just used those acrylic curtain rods like the ones used on mini blinds. you can pick them up at any home improvement store.