Aquatic's 22g Cadlight

tank looks good! I would put those single zoas up on the rocks so they can grow and I would also get one a different thermometer. The one you have has the little metal balls in the bottom, and if it breaks, they go everywhere in your tank.
Thank you guys. I went out yesterday and got myself a second frogspawn coral and a nice Xenia coral to add to my tank. I'll take more pictures or another video when I get around to it! I need to see if I got leftover superglue for the small zoa frags. I put them on the rocks but saw them back on the sand when I woke up in the morning. I'll probably take you up on the thermometer thing fish. Everything seems to be going along swimingly. Clowns are happy, corals are extended/opened up looking pretty.
Here's a take 2 video of my tank with 2 new corals. I added a 2nd Frogspawn and a Xenia to my tank. I'm thinking of just reserving the right side of my tank to make a nice big frogspawn colony which I think would look really nice. I hope you guys enjoy. I added my voice to the video too even if I don't sound to enthused.

Cadlight 22gal take 2 - YouTube


Ugh. I don't know how to make the video look embedded as it did for my last one.
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Hey everybody. Haven't updated in a little bit. I recently got a few new frags and a beautiful pink long tentacle plate coral yesterday from my lfs. Here's a new picture/video to go along with it! Everything seems to be doing okay so far. The new frags include some new zoas, a sps coral which I don't know what it is as of yet, a green acan with pink tips.

I may change my bulbs in the future to change the overall spectrum of my tank. Been looking at different T5 combos and some look real nice. Anyways, here ya go!

Thanks Erin! Just wish I had a better camera to use. the tank is much clearer than shown in the crappy photo. I loved the long tentacle plate since it looks like an anenome. So I can have something that looks like one without actually having one right now. haha. I was thinking of making a GSP garden for the top middle/right since that area seems pretty empty so far. I almost got some GSP yesterday but the plate coral was too awesome to pass up.
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I sometimes wish I could keep stuff on my sand bed (I can't, because the shrimp will cover it up).

But he's much cooler than any coral. :)