Where would I be able to find around a 40 gallon tank, that is seamless.

Anyone know of a site? I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive one too.

All I saw were seamless 40 gallon acrylic for around $400+ not including drilling, shipping, and anything else ya need. I would try craigslist or maybe a LFS that has a few display tanks to liquidate, I know I have a few fish stores in my area going out of business, gonna hit them up in the next few days to see what goodies I can get..
yeah, but if you have acryllic, it can and will scratch like crazy. Just not worth the extra money. the clarity is not that great to be worth the risk, just my :twocents:

-Dr Marco :sfish:
you can go to my LFS.Wets pets and friends in Mcmurray PA.i got a 125 gal. predrilled with overflows 435$ from them.they have specials somtimes to, like ballon pops pop a ballon and see how much percent you got off
Umm thanks Hibye, but I don't think he wants to drive from Illinois to Pennsylvania to go to your LFS!

Seamless tanks are super expensive like others have said. Edges are just something you'll probably have to put up with.

And I would also pass on acrylic, especially for a reef tank. Your sand and rock will scratch it up like crazy.
the only way I would get an acyrillic tank is if it was SO much larger than prefab glass ones, like a custom 600 that I am looking at. The price tag and weight are much less than glass. Up to 265, go with all glass.

I would not do a reef with an acryllic tank. Reef and Biff are right on.

-Dr Marco :sfish: