aqua traders

you should see if they can insure the shipment for like $700 and when/if it shows up all busted, you can go buy yourself a NOVA extreme or something :mrgreen:
Your lucky that they took the time to refund some of your money. I will NEVER buy anything from aquatraders nor an odyssea light again. Its allways mixed reviews about them. I have had nothing but bad expereinces with them.

I had set up with them about 3 years ago to sale their product in my store and they didn't return calls etc etc. especially after one of their MH systems almost caught one of my customers homes on fire.... I could go on and on..

Be careful and goodluck!
I've never bought any lights from them. But I did buy a HOB refugium and it works great. It arrived about a week after I placed the order.
oh they will, cause people will get tired of the run around and word will get around and then people will stop ordering from them..
I have bought lights, and hob fuge, pump for the fuge and lights for the fuge. I havent had any problem and am glad they where around for my business. Without there cheap prices I would still be looking at a corner fowlr tank with crappy lighting and no hope of moving forward in this hobby. Because of them I am looking at coral packs and getting ready to buy my first corals. Just my :twocents: but I am glad they are around.
all i'm saying is that they will either get it together and build a following, or they will eventually piss enough people off where they go out of business...

we know ted likes them so far, and lets hope that he is the new trend in customers, for thier sake, but if they screw up enough, they wont have enough ted's to keep the lights on...

i personally have no opinion of them in either direction at this point as i've not done any business with them, but from what i've read, i would have to order a few smaller things and build up a little trust with them before i could go spending major $$ with them...
If I had known about their lighting before I purchased the lighting I have now, I would have given them a shot. I could have saved more than half. I think a lot stuff that is specialized for our tanks is just way over priced. I find it hard to believe that they would still be in business if they were as bad as some people say. I also think there are probably 100 customers that are happy to every 1 that isn't. Usually it's the unhappy customers that are the most vocal.
now that is very true, thats why when i get good service, like this morning at my local WB.. i went online, and told 'em that they had improved noticably and to keep up the good work, cuse the last thing i sent them woulda made a salor blush....
Dragging this out of the deep dark caverns.......

Got my Aquatraders PS-75 protein skimmer today. Shipped quick - shipped safe - well packaged. Took 5 days to get here.

Now we just gotta see if it works. :mrgreen:
I'm definitely curious, but it sounds like this will be the neverending debate...for every satisfied customer we get a horror story to match :frustrat:
i would like to say i got my 36 inch mh 442 w with power compact fixture everything was ok it fired right up not problems the lady on the phone is hard to talk to but alll in all for the price i think they are good i would def use them again,i know my friend has ordered a light off them and his brother is,but i will say u need to mod the fixture if u are trying to put it on a bow front tank<---- but that is not there fault totally my fault.i have read horror stories about these fixtures odyessa./ but the ones that caught on fire are there old mh i have done alot of research on this lights.they were using not up to par equipment and thats why.but i have found alot of horror stories about alot of products so i guess to each is there own.but i would def deal with them again..

ps i know there is a mod u can do to the ballast and get the most out of it i already order the parts and will give a update after completion,

sorry i can spell

:helm2: <-- i love this guy..
Well I got my 150w MH with 2x14w T5 Actinics today...shipped well, packages well..priced extremely well...but the MH doesn't work! It comes on for about 2 minutes, once it is up to full power after warmup it just turns off until I unplug it for about 10 minutes and plug it back in. The T5s are fine, just MH having issues. I sent an email to aquatraders so I reckon I will hear back on Monday...kind of a bummer, had plans of getting my plumbing, lights, and sump all setup this weekend. If they can remedy this situation I will be a fan, otherwise, horror story!
Yeah I kinda assumed I'd have something to resolve based on the reviews and price...cannot spend the money on the more expensive stuff right now, so it was gamble or nothing...from the reviews it seems everyone with issues got it resolved so I am confident.