Apparently we all have 1 thing in common ..


Reefing newb
Hello there,

I have been wanting a saltwater tank for years now and just recently purchased one. It is a 60 gallon cube and have been patient enough to buy items little by little. I have a very close friend that has had a saltwater tank for years and it is gorgeous! He has finally pushed me to get my own. Unfortunately he has moved out of state but we still talk weekly. I came across this website and it seems very helpful and informative. Anyway appreciate any help in the near future.
Hello and Welcome. I am somewhat new to the hobby and this forum has been an awesome source of information.
Welcome to a great hobby Mike, been around the block a few ties in the past years and yes we all one thing in common-we will spend a lot of money on this fascinating hobby just for the pure enjoyment and satisfaction of having a living reef in our home. I hope you enjoy the hobby as much I have over the past 40 years.