Anybody have any LPS's or neat zoa's for sale or trade?

I suppose we are? but I didnt see any smiley faces after that comment. I offered a very nice acan to you carpediem and you didnt seem to follow up on that one. on any forums its first come first serve. If sellers waited around for people to make up there minds theyed get stuck with alot of stuff. Sorry if I affended you.
So who has some Nice blastos, acans, micros, or sps for sale is this it everyone? Surely someone has some neat corals for sale! Name you price!
I have a small blasto merletti colony for $40. It has a good 15+ polyps I think. I'll have to check in the morning when the lights are on.
whatever you got Ill buy it!:mrgreen: Just kidding brent! Im really sorry, I didnt ever even think about it till you said something.