Anybody have any LPS's or neat zoa's for sale or trade?

hey man, I finally fragged up my frogspawn, So ill have a couple for sale, $20 per head. I also have a Acan echinata ill sell, its suppose to be purple with pink centers but under my halides it looks like more purpleish brown with pinkish white centers. Its not a frag its got around 30 polyps. I have two so ill sell one, $30. I also have a purple gorgonia and a silver sea rod, $20 each.
I am looking for acan lord, micromussa, blastomussa wellsi, and some zoas or palythoa. Name your price! Frags are preferred(limited budget). Thanks
now come on brent, you say name your price, and in the same sentence you say im on a budget! So which is it?:mrgreen:
Im willing to sell some stuff youd like if its the name your price comment!
OK OK! I guess i am contradicting myself. Name a price. It will be my birthday the 12th so I guess I can have a little fun. I will enetrtain any and all offers, so what do you have?
Well:scratchch I think I might have a frag of Acan lord!:bowdown:
Its got about 5 polyps, Bright reddish orange with white stripes on the outer rim. As you probly know acans sell by the polyp So ill have to count polyps tommorow when the lights are on if your interested. it will probly be $15 per polyp. its the only acan frag im willing to sell right now
heres a picture of the mother when I first got it. Its much heathier now and the picture sucks but its an idea

Both of the acans he mentioned are nice pieces. The purple with pink centers is a nice piece and a nice size. And that pic does not do the acan lord justice. It is also a nice piece and well worth $15 per polyp.
I wish I had some stuff for ya but Mine aren't ready for fragging yet.
I have some acan lord I could sell reasonably I think over 10 polyps, only downside is Im battling w/ hair algie at the moment so probly a little on the rock also need to find a home for a dersa clam $20 H.A. starting on shell dont wont him to get smothered until I get this problem under hand I dont need a clam will post pics when I get home from work