Anemone Question

Well after a bit of time with lights on it went back to looking like the pictures. So i think it was just pooping or something lol.
So guys its ben like 5 days now with the nem and it seems to be Doing ok and had eaten a couple times when i gave it food. Its feeding response is right on and fast. The last couple days i noticed it had its mouth Open. I have read that this is a bad sign, i have also read that it could just be taking in and realesing water to blow back up. Not sure what to think as nothing is comming out of the mouth and most of the time its blow up with bubble tips and looks good. Sometimes at night after lights out it sucks in for a bit then come back out.

What do you guys think?
If he is eating, i would not worry. If they cant even grab the food and hold on to it, then id be worried. Give em some more time and it will be fine. If it turns white, id be careful then to, but ull be fine!
Nah its color is still nice and dark redish. and he grabs the food like crazy. So i wont worry unless is ee it bleaching out like you said.
They change shapes with expansion and contraction throughout the day. Generally, contraction is more previlant during lights out. A gaping mouth is very, very noticeable and it is like you can see all innards of the anemone. Yours is still adjusting, had plenty of color, is feeding so it seems you are doing well with it.
Well guys still not sure whats going on with the Nem It closes up 2 to 3 times most of the time its like 1 hour before lights out and 1 hour before lights on. It almost closes all the way at times. but yesterday it was closed in the middle of the day. Looked like this .

Its really a small nem so you guys think it might be to small or something i dont know if this is normal for it to do or what. But durring the day most of the time its nice and full and even has the tenticle bubbled up. Im just hoping its not dying. It still feeds really good. i feed it yesterday when it was open and it took the food quick so im not to sure if i should worry or not.

Still disapointed with its size. i think if it would have ben bigger it might be doing better.
It closes every day regardless ig i feed it or not. But usually like i said one hour before lights on and before lights out.
Believe it or not, mine has gotten alot bigger in 3 months, it will give the clowns time to adjust to it too. My little clown took to it in a week, my 4 inch clown took to it this week. Its been about 3 months. I would stay where you are at honestly. Clowns usually dont say wow! An anenome, its mine. They slowly work it in, hover around it for a while and then BAM....... The majic