Anemone Question


Go Big Or Go Home !
So i just picked up a Scolimia and Rose Buble tip Anenome, Now my question is how big with the Anemone Spreed out to become ??? i got it right when my LFS got it from the importer so its ben shipped around and is all tiny right now and sucked it its about the size of a 50 cent coin. How much will it spreed out to be ?? Couse i know my duncans go in to be small and then spreed out like crazy, it came on a rock and i can see the marcks of where it was covering but im not really sure if thats actually how big it will get. i wanted something for my clowns to host and i dont think its going to be a good size for them.
There is no real way to answer your question best guess maybe a few inches across. It will depend a lot on whether the anemone has the bubbled tips or has longer tentacles. Now that all of mine stay bubbled they are more compact then they were with the stretched tentacles. My biggest one was about 8" across but is now closer to 6" being bubbled. Yours will definitely expand once it gets comfortable and acclimated to your lights but you will have to wait and see how much expansion you get. Your clowns more than likely wont jump right in it either but they could (they have a mind of their own). Show us a pic when you get a chance.
1st, use a picture of a grouper and let the clowns see it. (scare tactic). My rbta is 4inches across and its tenticles are 4 inches out usually. I dont know anything bout the other nem, but the 4 color is amazing piece in my dt!
Heres a couple pics. My Wife said it moved last night off the rock it came on and was bigger than this wile moving, Now it has settled in the crack Crevise and looks small again but does have the tips bubbled out. Im just really disapointed with its size but i like its color and you cant really tell but tords ithe inside its like drak greenish. Will it come out from this spot ?? Did not move all day. just moved the first night after we got it. I Gave it some misis and it took it right away.



How fast do they Grow ??
That might be his spot. He will stay where hes comfortable. Sometimes its not where you want them to be, like the back side of the tank, but thats the risk you take. Good luck
I really wouldnt mind if he likes that spot as long as when it grows it stays there and spreads around that area. Couse right now hes in that crevices and its a small space like 2 inches or so, thats why all the tenticles looks really close toghether also.

You think it would be ok to get another One ??? If so im going to get a big one like 5 to 6 inches. How long do they take to get full size ??
He will get big, just feed him and he will spread out. Mine seems to have a daily cycle routine, hes big in the morning, by night he poops or shrinks up un till 10pm then hes back at it. I would see no reason on not getting another one, but i am no expert on nems. I only know how not to kill them!
2-3 times per week. That is the biggest thing. If they eat, they have their zoos, healthy nem. Feed him a piece no bigger than his mouth. Fyi, if not posted yet, you dont have to feed them either, they seem to do make just fine when hosting a clown. Mine will bring the 1st chunk to the nem and go back for itself.
BTA's like to plant their foot in a crevice in the rock. Just let it do its thing as it acclimates to your tank. It may hide most of its body as it adjusts to your lights or it may pop right out as full as can be. If it was me I would wait and give this one some time before getting another one.
That is a very pretty anemone!
Well i did not mean i was going to get rid of this one if thats what you tought. i was just thinking of getting another Bigger one so that my clowns actually have one they can host.
No, I actually meant give yourself a chance to gain experience before putting another one in the tank.
If you are going to spot feed it don't give it anything close to the size of it's mouth. Smaller pieces more often is better than anything big for the nem. I wouldn't feed it more than a couple times a week and then reduce it as it acclimates to your lights. I rarely ever feed any of mine on purpose.
Ok So then Missis should work for the mean time then right ??? A Couple times a week. So when i feed my fish just give the nem a little squirt from the baister just softly so it can grab it and it should be fine right ??
Mysis, krill, squid will work fine. Mix it up a little as they like variety too. It will be getting most of it's nutrition from your lights but feeding it will make it grow quicker. Yes a squirt from time to time will be fine.
My nem took about a week before it was comfortable and fully spread out. It was shocking to see how big it could actually get out of what it shrunk into. I would feed mine about 2x per week and in 6 months it had almost doubled in size.
So im sure anemones poop. But im not sure if thats what mine is doing . It suvked in this morning before lights out then it let out a little brownish black.thing aboit tje size of misis then when lights came on a bit ago it started opening bavk up but the mouth is a little open. Hopefully ones it opens all the way the mouth will close. Ill keep an eye on it.
Yes they do. If it was dark brownish it is probably releasing some zooaxenthella. It has been through a lot and is a little stressed but it should settle down.
Word of advice, what worked for me, buy the nem with the lr if possible. Mine has been there for 4 months and is happy right where i put him. I dont know if its common but it really helped knowing that he didnt have much stress. (i think hes my favorite pet) please dont tell my clowns!
It was dark brown but not stringy like zoo. More like a little piese.of misis . As for getting it with.the lr i did but it moved off the rock it came on and to the spot its in now