Algagen Tisbe Pods


Reefing newb
Live Foods for Feeding Aquarium Fish, Inverts & Corals: AlgaGen ReefPods
Anyone ever use the tisbe pods before? Can I add them to my fuge and not feed them?
I read that they eat detritus and stuff, so if the system I'm keeping them in will have junk and stuff will they be able to thrive? In the fuge I have no sand, maybe about 5-10 pounds of live rock, some chaeto, and some fern caulerpa. So basically my question is, what do I need to feed them, or I don't have to feed them at all?
When I seeded my tank with pods I used Tigger pods That was three years ago I still have a lot of them. My HOB fuge is fun to watch because of the pods. I think they keep my fuge cleaner then the snails keep the display tank.