Algae (lawnmower) Blenny

I am taking my Royal back to the store this weekend, I just cant keep him with the way he is picking on my firefish anyway I wanted to find out what people think of a lawnmower Blenny, I read somewhere that they may bite other fish anyone have first hand experiance with this??

If you for whatever reason dont think this would be a good replacement fish, tell me what you think would be.

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Lawnmower blennies are great. I've only heard of two people that have had aggressive ones. 99% of them are fantastic -- they have wonderful personalities and are cute looking. They'll help keep your glass clean, but they also love to eat dried seaweed sheets, so be sure to pick up a package of those and a suction cup clip, if you don't have them already.
lawnmowers are great additions i have had mine for about 4 years and he is great. he does not bother any thing in the tank most of the time he just hangs out on the rocks.
I pretty much heard the same as Biff.Most are generally peaceful except for a few hobbyist.Then again,that pretty much goes with every fish.An aggressive fish that isn't and a peaceful that is.Like Forrest said ''lifes like a box of chocolate,you never know what you get''.Don't forget to check out the other nice looking blennies like tailspots and twin spots.
can't go wrong with the lawnmower. Mine gets along with everybody, and they're very funny how they find weird places to perch on your rocks...and some corals too. That's probably the only thing to worry about with them. Mine sits in my leather coral some of the time, but it doesn't seem to bother it that much.
Lawnmower blennies are awesome. Ours got along great with everyone. I believe the "aggressive" that you read about was towards other blennies. I was told only one per tank.
i have a lawnmower blenny and he is very cool, doessnt mess with the other fish at all, and he is awesome to watch especially when he eats