Acro Group Buy


What reef tank?
Would anybody be interested in an acro group buy? I would like to get a few more and I am having a hard time locating some. I would also be willing to purchase some frags if you have any. We could pay a little more for some nice colonies and then frag them once we get them. Just throwing this out there. Any thoughts are appreciated.
What is your schedule like during the week?

Capp Bay is open till 8 thru the week and I think they get shipments on monday.

I would love to go down on Tuesday the 20th and maybe we could get a couple nice things and split them.

If we left say from wallies at 6 we shouldn't have any trouble making it there by 7:15/7:30.

Just a thought, anyone intereseted in a road trip?

Trust me you won't be disappointed, plus i have always wanted to go and see what they get before it is all picked over.

Let me ask the boss. I would like to go down. Any others? Maybe we could get some reef club support too while we're there.
Let me know if you guys want to order anything as well. I can usually get some nice acros in, and I can put in specific requests for hand-picked stuff if there's something you're looking for. My guy in CA has a good eye for acros...I've had some tri-color A. secale in the past, and I have a nice frag of A. tenuis. I was planning on ordering a few colonies next week anyway, so I can always take some pics and get you first dibs on any of them.

I would really like a couple polyps of super color Acan Lord.

Even 2-3 polyps would work,.

Colors don't really matter that much, just no grey or brown stuck under a actinic to make it look blue or puple.

But i would really like some red and green.

Let me know if you can get any and how much.

I have decided that I'm going to be going either way on tuesday the 20th.

I will be leaving at 6 est, if anyone is interested in riding the first three to respond are more than welcome.

probably best if you could get off a little early iron.

if we get there at 7:30 not a huge amount of looking time and you never know with atlanta traffic even though we will be going in the right direction.

I'm not going to be the in back so if you guys are ok with 3 in the back.... I'll gladly bring the jeep that day instead of the corola.

Just let me know.