60g cube


Reefing newb
here are a couple pics of my 60 cube i picked up last month,has black live sand from my 14g biocube about 40 lbs and 30 to 40 lbs cycled live rock,has 5 small fish,4 are under 1.5 inches and just added a lawnmower blenny last week
60 cube 001.JPG
really like the black substrate and the cute touches. I'm doing a 60g build too. You may want to use more rock to take advantage of the tank height. You can use acrylic rods to add structural integrity (but this means you have to take the rock out for drilling).
I love the black substrate. I saw low-iron starfire 60g cube with black substrate a few weeks ago here in town and I loved it. Couldn't convince the wife we should use it though.