55 gallon tank 10 gallon sump + some mods


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Well this is my set up

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj7hwCoMcN0&list=UU-8Bs7Mzf5mRbySlhOY_ihw&index=1&feature=plcp]55 gallon saltwater aquarium - YouTube[/ame]

55 gallon tank


GLO 48 inch doubleT5 light

I drilled the back for a 3/4 pvc pipe with elbows as overflow


on the back I put a T pvc to let air in this stoped the draining noise to 0



10 gallon sump

drain muffler this simply works awesome cut all the splash noise of my sump


moded seaclone 150 with antisplash panel

1/2 inch pvc insert this slows turbulance and makes smaller bubbles



moded 550 gallon pump PVC elbow to recollect water from the bottom

fiber mesh wall

canister with bio media
didnt have space in my office, fits perfect in the stand

for a 55 gallon I think its enough but I could be wrong :S

also bad planing was going to use a canister filter so I "need" the side space

but Im gonna put a chiller in there :)
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nice. i just wanted to ask because i alwas say "go bigger if you can." when i make a tank disign my rule for my builds are if the main is over 55 gallons than i take the size and divide by half and that is what i use.
I will be building a 150 gallon main tank with a 75-100 gallon wet/dry trickel system and a 55 gallon refuge tank.
made some changes to my aquarium

bought a sc 65 protein skimmer

they work great and are dirt cheap


made a over flow box with a CD case

my sump only fills 1 inch if power fails instead of 3 inches