10 gallon sump design


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so ive decided to have a 10 gallon sump under my 55 and to have a rubbermaid container attached for the fuge.. so my question is what should my sump be like? is there anything wrong with having two chambers, an intake where the protein skimmer is as well and an output [that will also be the inlet for the fuge] that is seperated by a bubble trap.. so basically like 10 by 10 inches for the intake and skimmer and then 6-10 inches for the outlet/fuge inlet.
heres my idea...
for my fuge ill have a rubbermaid bin with a hole drilled in the top as the overflow back into the return area of the sump...
thanks good to hear... so for my overflow i cant drill my tank unfortunately..so ill be getting the cpr 600 gph overflow i was wondering which return pump someone recommends...
Looks good to me. Make sure you put a ball valve right after the return pump, and on the "to fuge" line.
yes yes haha and im also going to put a check valve after the return because the return line will be submerged to eliminate noise. but what pump would you recomend biff? im looking at this one maybe? [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Aquarium-Systems-Maxijet-Utility-NJ3000/dp/B0019IHZF0/ref=sr_1_32?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1280597235&sr=8-32]Amazon.com: Maxijet Utility Pump, NJ3000: Home & Garden[/ame]
but i cant find the head on it..
:mrgreen:ok I maybe a little late:mrgreen: but I like the Quiet one pumps. for one they are quiet and maybe a little cheaper than the mags. drsfosterandsmith.com is where I got mine from, they have all the head and loss of head charts on there site. Figure what you need/want and pick. Remember more is always better because you should put a valve on the discharge side of pump and can aways slow down the return water to match your overflow. Hope this helps. I have a quietone 4000 on a 90gal and a 1200 on my 29gal both are running good and both run wide open.
Aquarium Water Pumps & Water Movement: Lifegard Aquatics Quiet One Pumps here is link
Those utility pumps often times contain metal parts, and could even contain copper. When you pick a pump, be sure to buy an aquarium pump. Those are invert safe. Utility pumps often are not.