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Reefing newb
that is a nice looking tank, but i dont think its big enough for a mandarin to find enough food. what are you feeding him.
Hi I feed the mandarin copepods once every two weeks and I also add rotifers at the same time. There is plenty of rock in my tank so gives the copepods somewhere to hide this seems to work for me as I've had him for three months and he looks healthy
its good that you can find a place a for live food all the time. you might also want to think about putting a refugium on your tank. this will help immensely with keeping your mandarin well fed. you stock it with some rubble and some cheato and it will help with your water quality too. just put your pods in the fuge instead of the tank and they have a safe place to breed and slowly trickle into the tank through the overflow. and the fish wont be able to eat them all at once.
Hi, can we have an update please on the mandarin? Did the regimen of feeding rotifers and copepods stand the test of time ... if so I'm going to try Mandarins as I have a few cultures of rotifers on the go...
Hi and yes my mandarin is doing great I have upgraded my tank I now also have a refugium so I put copepods in the refugium about once every two weeks and he stays well feed looks great hope this helps thank you
Hey, thanks for your replies above. How is the mandarin going now? I had one on a small tanks and he kamikazed out of the tank. Also, were you able to get your mandarin to feed anything else besides the copepods? Sean