28g nano cube - micro bubbles?


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I'm not sure if what I'm seeing are micro bubbles or not. The tank looks cloudy all the time, you can see fine particles moving in the currents. When I look at the water in the filter area, all chambers have crystal clear water. The pumps are submerged with at least 1" of water above the pump. When i turn the pumps off and let it sit a few minutes you can see everything hanging suspended in the water. In the filter basket I've got the sponge that came with it, some cheato in the middle section and the bio media in the bottom. I also left the two long pieces of sponge that line the side of the pump chamber where the water overflows into it.

Any ideas?
Try filling the back filter area all the way to the top or close to it the same thing happened to me but when I added more water all those micro bubbles went away! Hope it helps!
Well, adding additional water during the water change didn't help. Water is still full of "stuff". I just cut a piece of some micro filter that's for my rena canisters and put it in so the overflow runs through it to see if they will help.

Any other ideas?
Are you sure it's microbubbles, are are they sand particles that are suspended?
microbubbles will collect on the undersides of things and make a full size bubble under rocks or edges of things like your heater maybe. Do you see those?
I see no large bubbles building up. The heater is in one of the chambers in the back. Water back there is crystal clear. When I turn the pumps off and the water settles the particles stay suspended. If it were sand particles I'd think they'd sink.

After putting the filter media in I "think" I can see a slight difference. I'm going to try an experiment. I unplugged one of the pumps and turned the other one on full time to see if I can get a circulation going that will take more water past the overflow...rather than constantly moving it in different directions.
I may have discovered the issue. I used a flashlight to look down into the sections where the pumps are. There's a layer of what I assume is sediment from the sand when I first started the tank up. Next weekend I'm going to attempt to suction it out with a piece of ridged tubing. Cross your fingers!
So it's suspended particles, not microbubbles? You can try sucking it out with a turkey baster.